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+2 #4 Xristos Koutelieris 2012-10-30 22:12
Another seminar with Minegishi Sensei ended with great success. Minegishi Sensei was once again in Greece from 23rd of October until 28th and held classes at Inochikan dojo and the seminar at the Martial Way at Olympic facilities in Athens.

As a technical advisor and official examiner examined the Athanasio Betsi for the 2nd Degree Black Belt Nidan.

I would like to thanks Minegishi Sensei for the help and for her valuable advice and teachings.

And I would like to congratulate Betsis Athanasio for his great effort and success in this test.

Also I would like to thank all the students from Inochikan Dojo who participated in the seminar and all who attended from other dojos in Athens.

Sensei Christos Koutelieris October 31, 2012
0 #3 Xristos Koutelieris 2012-10-02 11:58
Task for YonDan:

A Transformationa l Journey
By Christos Koutelieris

Guam, August 2011

Exploring Movement,Feelin gs and Connection

Aikido is the art of life; at least this is how I call it. Those who choose to be born into the life of Aikido embrace constant progress, transformation, learning and most importantly consideration of our external and internal environment. Just like in our everyday life, we learn how our body reacts to the heat and cold, to the positive and negative energy, to the contact with other people; in the same way Aikido is educating us how to work properly our body in relation to our partner’s energy inside the dojo and in the outer world. In a way, Aikido is like a refined magnifying glass that reveals subtle interconnection s in things that we tend to miss in our everyday life.

It has been sixteen years now that I live an Aikido life; so, I am still in my youth. I feel grateful that I live and grow through the learning process of Aikido. There have been three aspects that I find particularly fascinating. The first is the perception of movement. To learn how to move is an innate ability in people, but to learn how to move properly is something that one must be taught and one must devote oneself to practice irrevocably.

In addition, Aikido has revealed to me another angle of interpreting human feelings. Although most people believe Aikido is a martial art, it is in reality an Art of expressing human feelings under given circumstances. It is easy for anybody to execute techniques and to throw one’s partner here and there, with a subconscious mind in the mercy of confounded feelings; stress, fear, rejection. But to achieve “Agatsu”, to cleanse your mind and as a result generate grace, kindness and love, all combined with correct movement, is very difficult.

Furthermore, connection is important in Aikido, not only on the tatami but also as a part of social life. Meeting people and developing life-long relationships is one of the many benefits. All these years, I meet people from different cultures, with different mentalities and views about Aikido and its way of life. My own belief is to live life with all my heart, with honor, respect and love.

At this very moment, I am on Guam, an island in the Pacific Ocean, a long way from my homeland, Hellas thanks to a glorious moment when I met a lady who knows how to work her body with grace, gentleness and kindness; and most importantly is willing to share her knowledge. Sensei Mutsuko Minegishi became my own transformationa l journey in itself, from the first moment she came into my life, and the very personification of Aikido, as O’Sensei taught it. Her philosophy has been a turning point in my personal development and my aspirations.

Morihei Ueshiba Sensei used to say that Aikido is Love and there is no harm in Love. This is the same Love I experience now in Guam, through Minegishi Sensei and the practice with her students.

Many writers have said that life is full of unique moments, out of which we learn something new. The same happens in my Aikido life. Every moment in Aikido is a unique challenge to show honesty, devotion, bravery, perseverance, compassion and love. These are the moments of glory. I feel that I need to cling on each of these moments and extract a new lesson that will help me become a better person for myself and the community I live in.

My prayer for today and tomorrow is to be strong at heart to make my best moment out of each day.

Thank You.
0 #2 Xristos Koutelieris 2012-07-07 10:23
I have long time to write in the Sensei diary, at least for my friends abroad. Now I was given an opportunity to sit down and write a summary for the months passed. The private school has given us a space to do Aikido closed for summer holidays and with it the Inochikan Dojo stopped the lessons. This is something that personally saddens me deeply, but I cannot do and nothing about it. The months that passed were full of energy, smiles and good mood from all of us to practice. Almost all students enrolled during this period for Aikido and Kenpo was promoted to a higher level and this gave them great joy and satisfaction that they managed in that time and energy to continue in the future. The last day at the Dojo closed with an Aikido class with children and adults. I gave a small gift to everyone that it was a commemorative T-shirt with the logo of the Inochikan Dojo with their name, something that they can wear on the beaches of Greece. It is certain that my friends abroad to continue their practice and during the summer, I along with some of my students we will do a tour of the various Dojo in Athens to practice at regular intervals to stay in contact with the Art of Aikido.

So, happy summer to all of my friends and we'll talk again soon, in early September.

Sensei Christos Koutelieris 7/7/2012
0 #1 Xristos Koutelieris 2012-04-08 08:42
Aikido and children
It is said that at age 60, we go back to our childhood. I am now 71, and I am 11 years old. No wonder why I like children so much. They are my pier friends!!!

I do not have my own children. I did not have happy childhood because it was right after the WWII and we were all very, very poor. Pebbles were our toys. Empty cans were our balls to kick. The river behind the house was the playground.

I was the third girl in the family, and my clothes were all third hand. I was a very active girl, so it was easy to wear out the third hand clothes.

We could not say what we liked and disliked at the meal tables. We never had pocket money to buy what we liked. We did not have birthday cakes or presents. We were happy if we were all healthy.

So, I am surely curious how the children nowadays are growing. How are their parents treating them? What do they want to be in the future? What kind of relationships do they have at home, among their siblings and with the parents?

Many children come to Aikido. There are many who stop even before they pay the next month fee. Sometimes, their parents take them away because the children do not seem to be learning what they expect. On the other hand, some continue for more than ten years and grow from a child to youth, and some from youth to adult.

Some children like competitive sports, but some do not even like moving their bodies. Some have introverted nature and some extroverted.

Aikido can provide a very comfortable atmosphere to both types. At first, introverted ones cry or hide behind the parents, but gradually, they start taking interest in the cheerful and joyful activities in class, and they start smiling and join the crowd. Extroverted ones are first rather wild, but gradually they learn that the class does not appreciate their wild and violent behavior. Everyone in class offers his/her helping hands to each other. Children are good teachers. The younger they are, the better to start. Some come with diapers on. Some can hardly walk, but they can crowl.

Children are not as incapable as the parents think. I take any age. An 18 month old child can do Shomenuchi Ikkyo. They like to roll and they like throwing their papas. They understand almost everything, and they follow others. They like to be released to a large space with tatami mats.

If the children cannot be on the mats alone, parents can join in and be with them. After a few classes, children will find their partners to hold each other and make friends. Parents can also share with other parents. They have good opportunities to exchange being with someone else’s children to learn about the children other than their own.

I strongly believe that children should be raised with a group effort because they all become members of a community.
Therefore, I am enjoying having children and parents in the same class. Especially when children are showing how to do some moves to adult members, my happiness escalates.

The parents are my children to me, and their children are all my grandchildren. My children should be trained first to become good parents to my grandchildren. That is what I always wish.

By Minegishi Sensei

I feel and see the same things when I teach the group parent - children. I think it's the most creative, part of my life in Aikido.

Sensei Chistos Koutelieris
Sunday April 08 2012 11.45pm.

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